Catalog 2023-2024 
    May 20, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Art - Illustration, BAS

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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Art - Illustration combines visual and digital arts to prepare students for careers in the applied arts. During the third year of study students will complete academic, theory, and foundational courses. Advancing into the fourth year, students will refine and direct their portfolios towards future jobs and complete advanced courses in both the visual and digital arts. 

Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Art - Illustration graduates will:

  • synthesize traditional and digital arts
    • demonstrate technical proficiency and creative skills related to graphic design and illustration fields
    • manage files and content in a manner suitable for industry
    • create visual narratives and designs based on customer demands
  • explore industry trends and cross platform opportunities 
    • develop multiple formats for 2D and 3D applications of designs and illustrations
    • present ideas, pitches, and portfolios to industry and peers
    • evaluate marketing, promotion, and business strategies and professional ethics
    • curate a portfolio to industry standard
  • lead in the global workplace
    • evaluate how art and design can work sustainably and with resource stewardship
    • craft messages that are accessible and supportive of a diverse and inclusive community
    • validate the care and nuance required when visual communication is broadcast globally
  • demonstrate communication, critical thinking, cultural humility, information literacy, and teamwork skills
  • meet humanities, natural science, quantitative reasoning, social science, and written communication distribution area outcomes 

Admission Requirements

  • An earned associate degree or equivalent (90 credits) in an appropriate concentration from an accredited institution; appropriate concentrations include:
    • Illustration
    • Design (e.g., Graphic Design)
    • Digital Gaming and Interactive Media
    • Digital Entertainment Design and Production
    • Graphic Technologies
    • Digital Media
  • Minimum cumulative GPA across all college coursework of 2.5
  • Completion of the Prerequisite Requirements listed below
  • An illustration portfolio that includes 5 portfolio artworks
  • Image list with title, media, size, and date created for all 5 artworks

Prerequisites - 48 Credits

Completion of all General Education prerequisite courses listed below with a minimum 2.0 GPA in each course

  • 5 credits of college-level Math (with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite) or higher
  • 5 credits of college-level English (ENGL& 101  or equivalent) 
  • 5 credits of college-level Humanities  
  • 5 credits of college-level Social Science  
  • 5 credits of college-level Lab Science course

Completion of the following Applied Art prerequisite courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA in each course

General Education Requirements - 35 Credits

The following courses from the Program Requirements listed above meet the General Education requirements for this program.

Diversity and Social Justice Requirement

Within the degree requirements, students must complete a 3-5 credit course that meets the college’s Diversity and Social Justice (DSJ) requirement. DSJ courses are designated in the college schedule and are designed to meet other general education or technical requirements simultaneous to meeting the DSJ requirement (e.g., ENGL& 101 with the DSJ attribute meets both the ENGL& 101 requirement and the DSJ requirement).

Note: Not all sections of a course meet the DSJ requirement. Students should review the class information to ensure the class section includes “course attributes: meets diversity requirement.”

Visit the DSJ requirement webpage to view the current list of general education and technical courses that meet the requirement.

Students who have taken a DSJ class in a previous certificate or degree, do not have to take another DSJ class.

Total Program Credits: 180

Total credits includes the 90 credits listed above and a minimum of 90 credits completed at the associate degree level.


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