Catalog 2023-2024 
    Apr 21, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024


College Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Calendar and Holidays

Dates in this calendar are subject to change without notice. A detailed calendar with the latest information on registration can be viewed online at

Summer Quarter 2023

Independence Day July 4
College is closed
First day of summer quarter July 5
Last day of summer quarter August 29

Fall Quarter 2023

Labor Day September 4
College is closed
First day of fall quarter September 26
Advising Day October 31
No classes; see your advisor to plan enrollment and check progress toward completion
Veterans Day November 10
College is closed
Thanksgiving November 23
College is closed November 23, 24, and 25
Last day of fall quarter December 9

Winter Quarter 2024

First day of winter quarter January 8
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 15
College is closed
Advising Day February 13
No classes; see your advisor to plan enrollment and check progress toward completion
President’s Day February 19
College is closed
Last day of winter quarter March 20

Spring Quarter 2024

First day of spring quarter April 1
In-Service Day April 17
No classes
Advising Day May 7
No classes; see your advisor to plan enrollment and check progress toward completion
Memorial Day May 27
College is closed
Last day of spring quarter June 12
Commencement June 14



Acar, Barcin | TENURED
Natural Science

  • Ph.D., Oregon State University
  • M.S., Oregon State University

Ater, Steven | TENURED

  • M.F.A., University of Illinois
  • B.A., Central Washington University
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Bagaason, Todd | TENURED
Digital Gaming and Interactive Media

  • M.A., Academy of Art University
  • B.A., University of Oregon
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Balestri, John
Architectural Technology

  • B.A., University of Illinois

Barnes, Letty | TENURED
Business Technology

  • M.Ed., University of Exeter
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Bem, Gregory | TENURED

  • M.L.I.S., University of Washington
  • B.F.A., Roger Williams University

Benner, Matthew

  • M.S., University of Maryland
  • M.A., University of Maine
  • B.A., University of Maine
  • Post-Master Certificate, Northcentral University

Bradshaw, Christine
Dental Hygiene

  • B.S., Eastern Washington University
  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • A.A., Everett Community College
  • Professional Certificate

Brady, Andrea | TENURED

  • Registered Nurse
  • M.S., Western Governors University
  • M.B.A., Northwest Navarene University
  • B.S., Boise State University

Bricken, William | TENURED

  • Ph.D., Stanford University
  • M.S., Stanford University
  • B.A., UCLA

Calavitta, John

  • PhD, University of Washington
  • M.F.A., University of Washington
  • M.A. University of Southern Maine

Carter, Angela

  • M.S., Maryville University
  • M.S., University of Washington Medical Center
  • B.S., Washington State University
  • A.S., Walla Walla Community College

Cave, Steve

  • M.A., University of Southern Maine-Stonecoast
  • M.A., Western Oregon University
  • B.A., Northwest University

Randi Cloud
Funeral Service Education

  • B.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Jodi Cooley

  • Registered Nurse
  • A.D.N., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • B.S.N., Western Governors University
  • M.N., University of Washington - Bothell

Chiozza, Amber
Visual Arts

  • M.F.A., University of the Arts
  • B.F.A., School of Visual Arts
  • Professional Certificate- University of New South Wales

Choudhury, Narayani | TENURED

  • Ph.D., University of Mumbai
  • M.Sc., University of Mumbai
  • B.Sc., University of Mumbai

Connors, Shanti | TENURED
Early Childhood Education

  • M.A., Pacific Oaks College
  • B.A., Pacific Oaks College
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Corrales, Jeffery

  • M.A., Jacksonville University
  • B.A., Nevada State College
  • A.A.S., College of Southern Nevada

Davis, Beth M. | TENURED
Dental Hygiene

  • Registered Dental Hygienist
  • M.S., University of Washington
  • B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology
  • A.S., Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Ellis, Amanda

  • M.S., Western Governors University
  • B.S., The University of Illinois
  • B.S., The Evergreen State College

Epps, Linda
Computer Security and Network Technology

  • M.B.A., Saint Leo University
  • B.S., Western Governors University

Forsse, Brenda

  • M.S., California State University
  • B.S., California State Polytechnic University

Hauge, Yosefu
Auto Repair Technician

  • A.A.A.S., Shoreline Community College
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Hedlund, Anita

  • Registered Nurse
  • A.A.S.N., Shoreline Community College
  • M.S., Walden University
  • B.S.N., Seattle Pacific University

Hicks, Jim | TENURED
Auto Body Technician

  • M.B.A., Seattle University
  • B.A., Seattle University
  • Collision Repair Certificate, Lake Washington Technical College
  • Certified Master Structural Damage Analysis Professional
  • I-CAR Platinum Certified Estimator
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Jacobsen, Rex

  • B.A., Western Washington University
  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Jeong, Hannah

  • D.N.P., University of Washington
  • B.S.N., University of Washington

Judy, Michelle | TENURED

  • M.S., George Washington University
  • B.S., University of Washington
  • A.S., Centralia Community College

Kelley, Katherine

  • M.A., University of Wisconsin
  • M.A., University of Wisconsin
  • B.A., The College of Wooster

Lindeman, Danette
Dental Hygiene

  • Registered Dental Hygienist
  • M.Ed., Western Governors University
  • B.S.D.H., Eastern Washington University
  • A.A.S. Dental Hygiene, Lake Washington Technical College

Mandy, Bob | TENURED
Architectural Technology

  • Master of Architecture, University of the State of New York, Buffalo
  • B.P.S., University of the State of New York, Buffalo
  • A.S., University of the State of New York, Alfred
  • Registered Architect
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Mangini, Ren’ee
Human Resource Management

  • M.B.A., Capella University
  • B.S., Central Washington University

Mantooth, Wes | TENURED

  • Ph.D., The George Washington University
  • M.A., Utah State University
  • B.A., University of Washington
  • A.A., Peninsula College

Marie, Robin
Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • Master of Occupational Therapy, University of Washington
  • B.S., University of Washington
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Marushia, Sean
High School Programs

  • M.A., University of Illinois, Springfield
  • M.A., Seattle University
  • B.A., Seattle University

Mason, Sarah | TENURED
Welding Technology

  • A.A., Cascadia Community College
  • Certified Welding Inspector
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Maxfield-Matsumoto, Todd
Funeral Service Education

  • Licensed Funeral Director
  • A.A.S., Iowa State University
  • B.A., Grand View University

May, Candace
Dental Hygiene

  • Registered Dental Hygienist
  • B.S., Oregon Institute of Technology

McClure, Kimberly | TENURED
Natural Science

  • Post Doc., University of California, San Francisco
  • Ph.D., University of Washington
  • B.A., Colgate University

McLean, Sherry | TENURED

  • M.A., Brigham Young University
  • B.A., Brigham Young University

Meramore Joshua

  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Meyer, Benjamin | TENURED

  • M.F.A., Iowa State University
  • B.A., Dordt College, Sioux Center

Monroe, Leslie
Physical Therapist Assistant

  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • B.S., Seattle Pacific University

Mooney, Frances
Medical Assisting

  • Medical Assisting Certificate, Everett Community College
  • Certified Medical Assistant, Everett Community College
  • Associate in Technical Arts, Everett Community College
  • Professional Technical Certificate, Everett Community College

Nancarrow-Carter, Wendi
Behavioral Health

  • M.A. Loyola University
  • B.A. University of Michigan

Navarro, Karin
Early Childhood Education

  • EdD, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A., Stanford University
  • B.A., University of California, San Diego

Olivera-Deal, Maria
Basic Education for Adults

  • M.A., University of Central Florida
  • B.A., Emmaus Bible College

Paolicelli, Laurence | TENURED
Digital Gaming and Interactive Media

  • B.S., Art Center College of Design
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Popescu-Cosma, Mihaela | TENURED
English Language Learning

  • Ed.S., Walden University
  • M.A., University Babes-Bolyai
  • B.A., University Babes-Bolyai
  • TESOL Certificate, Seattle Pacific University
  • Certified LIST/DSHS Medical and Social Services Interpreter

Ramirez, Celia | TENURED
English Language Learning

  • M.Ed., Eastern Washington University
  • B.A., Eastern Washington University

Raz, Sharon | TENURED
Social Science

  • Ph.D., University of Haifa

Redman, Paul

  • M.A., San Francisco State University
  • B.A., University of California, Berkeley

Rempel, Rex | TENURED
Behavioral and Social Services

  • D.S.W., University of St. Thomas
  • M.S.W., University of Washington
  • B.A., University of Notre Dame
  • Licensed, LICSW
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Richmond, Michael | TENURED
Automotive Repair Mechanic

  • M.A., University of Washington
  • B.S., Western Governors University
  • A.A.S., Renton Technical College
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Rodriguez, Michael
Natural Science

  • M.S., University of Colorado, Boulder
  • B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University

Rogoff, Jennifer | TENURED
Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • M.Ed. in Occupational Therapy, Springfield College
  • B.S., University of Washington
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Sakai, Eric | TENURED
Culinary Arts

  • J.D., University of Hawai`i
  • B.A., University of Hawai`i
  • A.S., Kapi`olai Community College
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Shimokura, Gayle | TENURED
Public Health

  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • M.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • B.S., Duke University

Short, Andrew | TENURED
Mechanical Design Technology

  • B.S., Western Washington University
  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Certified Civil Drafter
  • Certified Mechanical Drafter
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Smith, Chris
Environmental Horticulture

  • B.S., University of California
  • A.A., DeAnza College
  • Certified Professional Horticulturalist
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Sobottka, Jason | TENURED
Humanities/Visual Arts

  • M.F.A., University of Minnesota
  • B.F.A., University of Montana
  • A.A., Grays Harbor College
  • Certified Behavioral Assessment Expert

Spinrad, Sandy
Computing & Software

  • M.S., University of California, Santa Barbara
  • B.S., University of California, Santa Barbara
  • CTE Certificate, CWU

Talbot-Bluechel, Rebecca 

  • Registered Nurse
  • M.S., Western Governors University 
  • B.A., University of Washington University School of Nursing

Tam-Cover, Kelly
English Language Learning

  • M.A., University of Washington
  • B.A., Ohio State University

Toussaint, Laura | TENURED
Social Science

  • Ph.D., American University
  • M.A., American University
  • B.A., Eastern Washington University

Trumbo, Phil | TENURED
Digital Gaming and Interactive Media

  • B.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Turgeon, Aurora

  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • B.A., University of Minnesota, Morris

Turpin, Nancy (Christine) | TENURED

  • M.F.A., Iowa State University
  • M.S., Iowa State University
  • B.S.E., University of Florida
  • B.A., University of Florida

Tytar, Karyna
Intensive English

  • M.S., University of Montana

Underwood, Ty
Digital Gaming and Interactive Media

  • B.A., Savannah College of Art and Design

Vaschillo, Alexandra | TENURED
Computing and Software Development

  • M.S., Florida International University
  • M.S., Lenigrad State University
  • Certified Java Programmer
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Vasishtah, Erin
Early Childhood Education

  • M.S., University of Arizona Global Campus
  • B.A., University of Arizona Global Campus
  • A.A., Pierce College

Verschuyl, Molly
Physical Therapist Assistant

  • M.P.T., University of Washington
  • B.S., Linfield College

Waters, Janet | TENURED
Baking Arts

  • B.S., Art Institute of Seattle
  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Technical College
  • ACF Certified Working Pastry Chef
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Weatherford, Lucas
Welding Technology

  • A.A., Everett Community College

Woodruff, Stacy | TENURED
Medical Assisting-Billing and Coding

  • M.Ed., Liberty University
  • B.S., University of Phoenix
  • B.A., University of Arizona
  • A.A., Pima Community College
  • Certified Blended Learning Designer
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Wozniak, Susan (Sue) | TENURED

  • M.S., University of Washington
  • M.S., Oregon State University
  • B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Technical Writing & Editing Certificate., University of Washington

Wright, Elaine
High School Programs

  • M.S., Seattle University
  • B.S., University of Washington

Wyczalek, Katelyn
Welding Technology

  • B.S., Saint Martin’s University
  • A.A.S., Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Professional-Technical Certificate

Wyman, Amber | TENURED
Natural Science

  • Ph.D., University of Rochester
  • M.S., University of Rochester
  • B.S., University of Washington
  • EMT-P, Finger Lakes Community College

Yadav, Nomita
Social Science

  • M.A., University of Delhi
  • B.A., University of Delhi

Yi, Joanna

  • Registered Nurse
  • B.S.N., Yonsei University
  • M.A., Pentecostal Theological Seminary

Zupke, Cathy | TENURED

  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • B.S., California Institute of Technology

Administrators and Support Staff

Dr. Amy Morrison

Bruce M. Riveland
Vice President of Administrative Services

Tuấn Đặng                                            
Vice President of Instruction

Dr. Aparna Sen
Associate Vice President of Instruction

Dr. Ruby A. Hayden
Vice President of Student Services

Robert Britten
Executive Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Meena Park
Vice President of Human Resources

Elisabeth Sorensen
Executive Director of Foundation Development and Community Relations

Christopher McLain
Chief Information Officer

Leslie Shattuck
Executive Director/Executive Communications Officer

Cathy Copeland
Executive Director, Institutional Research & Grant Development

Elsa Gossett
Director, Planning & Operations


Senior Executive Dean
Potter, Dr. Mike L.

Chew, Vicki L.
Chu, An (Interim)
Cline, Lauren G.
Meehan, Lisa D.
Pant, Priyanka
Heilstedt, Sally E.
Rector, Dr. David L.

Associate Deans
Lee, Karen C.
Whitcomb, Kellie K.

Department Directors
Akselrud, Larisa V.
Bachman, Cherie
Biros, Demetra I.
Bowers, Anthony T.
Do, Tien V. 
Evora, Leticia A.
Geer, Kimberly K.
Hoch, Kaytlyn R.
Huebner, Casey L.
Lim, Xieng
Peacock, Katie V.
Steffens, Jeff A.
Stewart, Katie M.
Walton, Sheila A.
Wildes, Heather

Department Assistant Directors
Anderson, Lisa
Chandler, Sarah D.
Hays, Chloe
Heyde, Jayne W.
Hisatake, Amber
Kipnis, Darcy M. (Sr. Associate Director)
Loeum, Mony
Melnrick, Casey
Shtromberg, Alisa
Su, I-Yun
Ta, Julie

Managers and Support Staff
Abel, Nihro
Abdulrahman, Amal
Abdulrahman, Asma
Abdulrahman, Hamza
Aguilar-Corrales, Angel
Ake, April N.
Alameedee, Dheyaa
Allen, Alexa
Alvarez, Ileana
Alzoubaidi, Zainab
Ash, Corrine
Banta, Lillian
Barzegari, Khosro S.
Bebina, Angela
Bedford, Lynn
Blair, Krystal G.
Blair, Lou
Bourgeois, Jesse
Boyd, Julie
Breen, Andrea J.
Bryson, Tramayne
Bryant, Tristan
Cancino, Ernie
Castillo, Kim
Castro, Kalia
Castro, Karina
Chalmers, Cindy M.
Chase, Carolyn A.
Choudhury, Deblina
Cortes, Nicole
Cotutiu, Alexandru
Crosbie, Cody
Cuevas, Sandra
Davidyuk, Vera N.
Davis, Heidi L.
Davison, Chris
DeGraaff, Mical
Desilet, Robin
DeWitt, Rhonda J.
Donaldson, Cassidy
Dorrain, Michael J.
Drake, Laura
Dudarov, Valeriy A.
Dupont, Noah B.
Elder, Joseph
Eren, Jonathan
Evora, Jennifer
Febry, Ellie M.
Fielding, Scott
Fleetwood, Nicole (Niki) P.
Galan, Elijah
Goddard, Kimberly J.
Gouacide, Florena A.
Gouacide, Marc
Gracie, Timothy
Gracie, Sam
Hablo, Maricel
Hawkins, Katie
Holland-Stone, Stirling
Holmes, Carolyn
Horned, Daniel
Hsu, Chiein
Hupman, Robert
Isakova, Liudmila
Jacobsen, Susan P.
Jenkins, Ryan
Khodorchuk, Sergey V.
Kirkegaard, Elena
Knight, Taylor
Korsunskaya, Vikki A.
Laakso, Alysen K.
Lacher, Maia
Larrabee, Katrina B.
Lawnicki, Gail L.
Leary, Michael M.
Leffall, Caroline
Litvinova, Irina I.
Lohvin, Piotr A.
Lowry, Heather
Malloy, Bradley
Manier, Rachel
Marquez, Norma
Martinez, Adrian
Martins, Lino
Masood, Javed
Mattson, Judy A.
McDermott, Stephen P.
Meehan, Colby
Melkumyan, Hrant
Mikhaylov, Anatoliy M.
Michelle, Elie
Miles, Charles
Miller, Cassandra L.
Miller, Tisha L.
Moore, Ray
Morales, Maria G.
Nasby, Dana B.
Nelson, Bill
Nordan, Caleigh
Patrick, Maddox N.
Racey, Alex
Ragan, Cory
Ramos, Brian
Ramos, Brianna M.
Reichert, Melissa R.
Reid, Grace
Reyes, Clarita
Rogers, Kathryn M.
Safari, Reza
Sasynuik, Carrie B.
Selves, Marah
Sexton, Steven
Shirokova, Elena
Sil, Urmimala
Smith, Dexter
Smith, Will
Sorrels, Alex
Sparks, Aaron
Spivey, Meg
Stratton, Tori
Taj, Kiran
Tamata Surquislla, Linet
Terrell, Kelly A.
Timoshenko, Yuriy P.
Tishkova, Galina V.
Troy, Jeff J.
Van Engen, Cedar
Vargas, Misty
Vega, Torri S.
Wallace, Alexandra
Wheeler, Rebecca
Yang, Nancy
Zakaryan, Marine
Zasypkina, Tatyana N.
Zeng, Ali

College Phone Numbers

General Information (425)739-8100
Admissions (425)739-8104
Advising/Educational Planning (425)739-8300
Assessment and Testing Center (425)739-8115
Associated Student Government (425)739-8100 ext. 8707
Auto Repair Shop (425)739-8428
Bakery (425)739-8304
Basic Education for Adults (425)739-8363
Basic Food, Employment & Training (BFET) (425)576-5811
Bookstore (425)739-8108
Cashier/Payments (425)739-8403
Campus Public Safety (425)739-8224
Career Services (425)739-8113
Childcare Center (Early Learning Center) (425)739-8117
Counseling Resources (425)739-8300
Dental Clinic (425)739-8130
Disability Support Services (425)739-8166
Enrollment Services (425)739-8104
eLearning (425)739-8137
Essential Skills Office (425)739-8331
Facilities and Operations (425)739-8100 ext. 8460 
Financial Aid Office (425)739-8106
Foundation (425)739-8134
High School Programs (425)739-8107
Human Resources (425)739-8212
Information Technology Services (425)739-8100 ext. 8603
Innovation Lab (425)576-5830
Office of Instruction (425)739-8100 ext. 8497
International Programs (425)739-8145
Lake Washington Technical Academy (425)739-8107
The Learning Lab (Tutoring) (425)739-8361
Library (425)739-8320
Meditation Room (425)739-8100 ext. 8210
Opportunity Grant (425)739-8100 ext. 8448
Parent Toddler Groups/Parent Education Information (425)739-8358
Payroll (425)739-8214
President’s Office (425)739-8200
Program Information (425)739-8300
Purchasing Department (425)739-8215
Registration & Enrollment Services (425)739-8104
Research & Grants Development (425)739-8156
Restaurant, Chef City Grill (425)739-8310
RISE Center (425)739-8210
Running Start (425)739-8107
Student Accounts (425)739-8184
Office of Student Life (425)739-8314
Student Support Services (425)739-8300
Supplemental Instruction (425)739-8100 ext. 8427
TRIO (425)739-8100
Veteran’s Services (425)739-8213
WorkFirst Program (425)739-8100 ext. 8131
Worker Retraining (425)739-8206
Workplace Skills (425)739-8100 ext. 8505


Internet email
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