Catalog 2017-2018 
    Jan 27, 2023  
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applicable course list to satisfy Academic Core Requirements for the AAS Degree

Written Communication

Students who complete required courses in the Written Communication distribution area will write clear, coherent, and well-organized prose; employ critical thinking in evaluating and expressing ideas; and demonstrate effective use of sources following accepted academic conventions.


Humanities distribution courses examine the creativity, expressiveness, historical perspective, social interaction and aesthetics of people and societies. Emphasis is placed on creating, interpreting, performing, and valuing creativity in art, dance, film, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, religious thought, story-telling, and theater. Students who complete Humanities distribution courses will demonstrate an understanding of vocabulary, concepts, historical perspectives and progress, and materials, techniques, and methods of intellectual inquiry central to the selected Humanities course of study.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students who successfully complete courses in the Quantitative Reasoning distribution area will be able to gather, organize, and interpret data; develop and use mathematical models to describe and to evaluate physical situations; and communicate ideas succinctly using mathematical abstraction.

Social Science

Students who complete required courses in the Social Science distribution area will be able to explain at least one social science theory; describe methods used in social science research; analyze social issues and problems in the context of social science; and articulate the importance and influence of diversity within and among cultures and societies.