Catalog 2017-2018 
    Dec 01, 2020  
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

INTL 089 High-Intermediate Reading

5 credits
This course, for non-native speakers of English who are international students, builds on and reinforces the academic reading skills taught in INTL 085 . Students are exposed to a variety of authentic texts and study reading strategies to improve reading speed and comprehension.

Prerequisites: Appropriate score on IEP Placement test, or instructor permission.

Corequisites: INTL 088 , INTL 086B , and INTL 087 .

Quarters Offered: All

Student Outcomes/Competencies:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to, in English:

  • Read intermediate level texts and identify main ideas and details
  • Apply appropriate reading strategies to determine meanings of unfamiliar words
  • Relate readings to other readings and prior knowledge
  • Infer, synthesize, predict and draw conclusions
  • Interpret routine charts and tables
  • Write a variety of sentences using appropriate conjunctions, transitions, and punctuation most of the time
  • Utilize brainstorming techniques and organize ideas through the use of graphic organizers and detailed outlines
  • Write effective paragraphs and basic essays using the western academic English paragraph format
  • Develop proper thesis statements and topic sentences
  • Write essays with thesis statements, relevant topic sentences, appropriate support and concluding paragraphs
  • Write the following essays at an introductory level of competence:  narrative, persuasive, cause/effect, and compare/contrast 

Total Hours: 50 Lecture Hours: 50