Catalog 2017-2018 
    Dec 01, 2020  
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EASL 042 ESL Writing Fundamentals

1-9 credits
Teaches organization/other aspects of the writing process integrated with grammar, reading, and critical thinking skills.

Prerequisites: EASL 030  or equivalent placement score.

Quarters Offered: All

Student Outcomes/Competencies:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify paragraph parts and organize paragraphs effectively
  • Write extended paragraphs with the following methods of development: narration, description, process, cause/effect, contrast, and persuasion
  • Use pre-writing techniques and understand the basics of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, editing, and revising
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the most common spelling rules
  • Understand common prefixes, roots, and suffixes and use this knowledge to create new words and infer meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Identify and use correctly the main grammatical structures taught in EASL 030 and 040.
  • Skim, scan, predict, and understand patterns of organization within a text
  • Read timed readings and answer comprehension questions and/or summarize

Total Hours: 90 Lecture Hours: 90