Catalog 2017-2018 
    Jul 28, 2021  
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELEC 226 Introduction to Automation/Electomechanical

4 credits
Operation and maintenance of an Automated Manufacturing Cell is explored, with plenty of hands on experience.

Prerequisites: ELEC 216  

Quarters Offered: Winter 2018

Student Outcomes/Competencies:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Interpret standard electrical control system symbols commonly used in  instrumentation as it pertains to equipment operation
  • Analyze and test  industry standard  motor control circuits as it pertains to equipment operation and test examples of stepper, servo, DC and AC induction motor drive circuits
  • Model and use basic sensors and their support circuits (proximity sensors, temperature transducers, flow sensors, encoders, position sensors,  pressure sensors, accelerometers, load cells, etc.)
  • Apply current loops and interface support circuitry for data transmission in noisy envrionments
  • Demonstrate an understanding of control processes such as: closed versus open‑loop, analog versus digital,  linear versus non‑linear control systems as it pertains to equipment operation
  • Operate  and test data collection systems such as those employing bar coding, magnetic, RFID tag technologies as it pertains to equipment operation
  • Operate a variety  of HMI (Humand Machine Interfaces) used in automation
  • Interpret flow charts and block diagrams as it pertains to automation operations and repair
  • Interpret electronic technical manuals and bulletins as it pertains to equipment maintanence
  • Prepare and Maintain operation logs as it pertains to equipment operations
  • Interpret and apply safety codes, policies and practices, and accident prevention procedures
  • Use a block diagram programming techniques to create algorithmic instructions for use by robotic systems and devices

Total Hours: 60 Lecture Hours: 20 Lab or Clinical Hours: 40