Catalog 2016-2017 
    Jan 17, 2019  
Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil Engineering Graphics Emphasis, AAS-T


Admission Dates: Fall, Spring

The Civil Engineering Graphics AAS-T degree prepares students for careers with civil engineering firms (e.g., construction, transportation, water resources and wastewater treatment, bridges, etc.). Civil engineering graphics technicians translate the rough sketches, layouts, CAD designs, and written specifications of engineers, architects, and designers into drawings and CAD databases showing the complete details and specifications for the finished project.

Civil Engineering Graphics Emphasis AAS-T degree graduates will:

  • be prepared for a range of entry-level positions in the civil engineering field with the ability to be independent and self-directed
  • identify the elements and principles of civil engineering graphics design
  • complete comprehensive design projects
  • demonstrate industry ready skills and basic drafting fundamentals, concepts and techniques
  • demonstrate fundamental industry demand skills in: surveying, quantity calculation, data research, collection, and analysis for engineering projects
  • exhibit analytical thought, informed judgment, and ethical behavior
  • produce a professional resume, cover letter, and industry ready portfolio
  • demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, communication, intercultural appreciation, and technical and information literacy skills and processes in the workplace
  • meet Social Science, Humanities, Written Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning distribution area outcomes

Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not offer every course each quarter. It is the student’s responsibility to consult the Class Schedule and work out an individual schedule with an adviser or counselor. Any developmental coursework a student may be required to complete may increase the program length.

Technical Elective - 4 Credits

Students may choose a course from the ARCH or CIVL areas. The technical elective course can be taken any quarter as long as prerequisites for the chosen course are met. Recommended technical elective courses include:

Academic Core Requirements - 25 Credits

Total Program Credits: 105

See Academic Core Requirements for a list of all applicable courses for each of the categories listed above.