Catalog 2016-2017 
    Mar 21, 2019  
Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

High School Programs

Lake Washington Technical Academy

West Building, W210
(425) 739-8107

Lake Washington Technical Academy (LWTA) offers eligible high school junior and senior students, ages 16 to 20, the opportunity to concurrently train for a career and earn a high school diploma. Whether you’re academically accelerated, are behind in credits, or have dropped out of high school, LWTA offers a way for you to prepare for a better future. Our enrollment process includes an interview to help determine which pathway is best for you. Lake Washington Technical Academy is accredited by the AdvancED and is a full-time special purpose high school program located on the campus of Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, Washington. The program enrolls 350-400 students annually in either direct entry or Gateway to College. Students will receive a scholarship for tuition and books.

Register for a HOP session by calling (425) 739-8107. Coming to a HOP session is a required first step for enrollment in our high school. A parent or guardian is required to attend with you. This is true even if you are 18 years old.

Our comprehensive approach to student selection is the product of national best practices, bounded by intensive training and a dedicated, professional, highly qualified team. One point to emphasize is that meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

Running Start

Running Start is a program designed for high school juniors and seniors, who are ready for college-level work, want to take college-level courses, and want to receive both college and high school credit while completing high school. Admission to Lake Washington Institute of Technology for Running Start students requires the approval of the high school that the student attends, a 2.5 GPA in high school, and minimum COMPASS scores of 70 writing (ENGL 099 /ENGL& 101 ), and 39 pre-algebra (MATH 087  or meet the higher math requisite for the technical program). A reading score of 85 is recommended and is used for advising & placement.

Some Running Start tuition is paid by the student’s local school district. Students are generally responsible for the balance and for course fees, textbooks and additional required course supplies. For information, contact the Running Start coordinator in the West Building, W210, or call (425) 739-8107.

Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a partnership between LWTech, Tech Prep College Connections and 27 high schools. This partnership allows students taking classes in a high school with courses that are articulated with LWTech to receive college credit while attending their home high school.

Tech Prep College Connections staff visit the high schools to enroll and register students in selected college courses. College credit is awarded to students who receive a B grade or higher in their high school courses.

Students who have received Tech Prep credit and complete high school will be eligible to register as a continuing student at the college. For more information please see our website at

High School Completion

This is a program which allows students 18 years of age or older to take college-level classes to meet Washington state high school diploma requirements. The student must meet Washington State minimum graduation requirements. A five-credit college course equals one high school credit. Prospective students must submit an official high school transcript for evaluation, complete an admissions application and take at least one class at LWTech to qualify. This option is only recommended for students who need 1-3 classes to meet diploma requirements. Upon completion of all requirements, the student will be awarded an Adult High School completion diploma by LWTech. Students age 21 or older who earn an associate degree from LWTech can be awarded the high school diploma without any additional requirements but must request the diploma in writing.

For further information call (425) 739-8107 or visit our website at

General Education Development (GED®)

General Education Development (GED®) is a series of four tests developed by the American Council on Education to enable persons to obtain the equivalency of a high school diploma. Earning a GED® provides students with greater access to employment, advancement, and higher education opportunities.

The Academic Support Center offers GED® preparation classes and pre-tests.

All students under the age of 19 must obtain a release from their school district to test for the GED®. Two pieces of ID are required at the time of testing.

LWTech is a designated testing center for GED® exams. Testing appointments must be scheduled in advance either by visiting the Assessment Center, West Building, W204, or by calling (425) 739-8115. For more GED® information, please visit

HS21+ Adult High School Completion Pathway

The HS21+ Adult High School Completion Pathway combines high school equivalency test preparation with course content designed to meet the requirements for high school diploma credits. Those choosing to enroll in the HS21+ program can apply previously earned high school credits, and possibly earn credits for current and/or prior learning or work experience, and choose from a variety of approaches to complete their unfinished coursework. College level classes can be taken for a reduced tuition fee, and possibly count toward credits needed for their diploma. Students must enroll in an Orientation course, and be registered for classes to earn credits. Credits are earned based on evidence of having met the competencies for each of the subjects, with work presented in a portfolio. For more information contact Lynne Cross in the Academic Support Center (425) 739-8331, or email

International High School Completion Program

See International Programs  for information on this program.