Catalog 2016-2017 
    Sep 25, 2018  
Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MMDP 267 C# Programming in Unity Game Engine

5 credits
Course teaches students C# programming language in the context of a Unity gameplay experience. This programming course is a bridge between the Digital Gaming and Information Technology Applications Development (ITAD) programs. Digital Gaming students will learn and apply programming language to game design. ITAD students will experience and create interactive programming for gaming.

Prerequisites: ITAD 111  

Quarters Offered: Fall

Student Outcomes/Competencies:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Create object oriented design and implement interactive software in Unity game engine
  • Incorporate 3D interactive graphics including modeling, animation, transformations, lighting, shaders, and ray casting
  • Write gameplay code in C# programming language, classes, inheritance, and event-driven programming
  • Create C# code that allows for high level control of gameplay behavior, movement, and events
  • Write programming sequences of gameplay AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Simulate the physics principles of gravity and collision detection with C# code
  • Collaborate on interdisciplinary projects