Catalog 2021-2022 
    Jan 19, 2022  
Catalog 2021-2022

AUTO 138 Engine Performance - Computer Control

4 credits
This course focuses on the understanding and repair of the Onboard Diagnostic system and automotive computer controls utilizing industry standards, techniques and equipment.

Prerequisites: AUTO 120  and AUTO 124  

Corequisites: AUTO 134 , AUTO 135 , and AUTO 136  

Course Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • List and describe automotive computer basics, terminology, control module operation, feedback loop technology
  • List manufactures typical computer control network systems
  • List the construction and describe the operation of sensors and actuators, their relationship to modes and strategies
  • Diagnose automotive computer systems
  • Remove and replace computer system components
  • Apply the knowledge of hazardous material laws and processes to their training and future employment
  • Practice proper computer and PROM handling procedures
  • Demonstrate communications and customer relations skills needed to interact professionally with employers, customers, and fellow workers

Program Outcomes
This course teaches to the following program outcomes:

  • be prepared for employment in automotive dealership service centers, independent repair shops, and specialty or customized shops
  • be prepared to succeed on the ASE Certification exam
  • operate precision automotive diagnostic and repair equipment
  • interpret repair manuals and computer-based programs dealing with specifications and repair procedures
  • demonstrate good public relations with customers and colleagues
  • skillfully use tools and equipment

Total Hours: 60 Theory (Lecture) Hours: 20 Guided Practice (Lab or Clinical) Hours: 40